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Beasts of the Farm

Yes, I am talking about the beasts, instead of the farm animals. I think a lot of people should have covered sheeps, cows, chickens, sheeps, etc. So I am going to talk about the beasts instead, the wild things, the untamed!! Ok, before things got a little bit too exciting, I have to admit that I will just write about those creepers which inhabit the vast farming ground.

I basically started to notice them as soon as I touch the soil for some weeding during my first day here at the farm. At first, the sight of various creepers popping out from the ground or just roaming around the surface was not that exciting for me since there was not only bugs, but also centipedes, earth worms, and some unidentified creatures from the belly of the the earth… hhhmmmm… sorry, more like the skin of the earth maybe? πŸ˜‰ Well, for the record, I don’t mind bugs at all, but when you have to be on all four or sometimes just sit on the ground when you’re tired, the idea of those critters creeping into your clothing was not that great for me.

After a short while though, I got used to them. Now I pay more attention and even get excited on new creepers that I encounter whenever I am weeding. I realize that they are part of the ecosystem that helps the plant in one way or another or it is a blatant proof that this is an ecological farm. I admit that I haven’t been to an industrialized farm, so the previous statement might not be true at all. But I understand that they use chemicals to deal with unwanted living beings around their crops, based on this, I assume that those creepers might not really enjoy the living condition being provided in the industrialized farms. Don’t take my word for granted though, it is just a utopic thought of mine πŸ˜‰

Before I end this, I want to touch a little bit on the more normal farm animals. Today three cows were just sent to feed on one of the field. They are really big!! Erland, my host, said that they are not that big since they feed on grass. The ones that feed on some additional nutrients are bigger than those. For me, they are already very big.

Since I have almost always related my thoughts with self defense /martial arts, I began to think about their power. With that kind of mass, they don’t need any technique to fight with a man. Being close to them made me feel really small. But self defense is not only about power. It is a combination of power, wit, technique and the ability to adapt to your environment as soon as possible. We’re lucky that humans are more capable to use those to our advantage for our own survival. That’s why cows and sheeps live in fenced fields while we can enjoy the luxury of free movement.

Oh, btw, we finally moved seven sheeps from one field to another yesterday. The previous field had run out of grass so we needed to move them to another place. How long do you think were needed to move all seven of them? It took us easily half a day!! They are coward creatures although very curious as well. We had to move very slowly so as not to scare them away and bait them with some grains and leaves. It took patience and wit πŸ™‚


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