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The Lost Citizens

How do you feel when you lost your home and something you were fighting for betrayed you? Imagine if you are in a foreign country and you lost your passport somewhere, what’s your first reaction? Some people will be panicked and some other will be worried a little then start using their head to look for some help from your embassy. Next scenario, what will you feel when you lost your passport and you have a really important business meeting which will get you the promotion you’ve always wanted but the meeting will be on Monday but it is Friday night and the embassy will only open on Monday? Hmmm… things are getting interesting isn’t it? Let’s go to the next situation what if all those happened in a country which people speak a language that you barely know and they don’t even have a formal diplomatic relation with you country? If this doesn’t get to your nerves, try the next one!!

It’s in the middle of cold war between western bloc and eastern bloc, your country torn between those two blocs but as of now, it leans quite a lot to the left. You are a brilliant and patriotic student and your country noticed your talent and giving you a chance to study in a foreign country (from the eastern bloc). You are expected to come back and contribute to the development of your emerging and bustling country as a good citizen. This is very much in line with what you want to do with your life, to help building your country and have a good career with the government. So, fast forward for maybe five years, you are finished with your study, feeling very proud with your newfound skills and ready to contribute to make your country wealthy and strong. You have got the ticket which will assure you of a plane seat to go back to your beloved country, but you receive shocking news!! Your government (a newly formed nationalist government) has annulled your passport and citizenship due to your involvement in leftist movement!!

Out-of-nowhere, from a brilliant student serving your beloved country you’ve become someone without any nationality and left stranded in a foreign country without any chance of going back to your country again. You will definitely question yourself with thousands and thousands of questions, what the heck was wrong? Your grades are good, your skill is really needed in your country, you have a knowledge that few people have in your country, and you can definitely contribute a lot to develop your country and so on!! What have I done wrong, you might asked. Well, you have only one vault in the thought of the new government which has wiped out the leftist due to the alleged coup by them, that is studying in an eastern bloc country. For them, you are a revolutionary, and you are deemed more than capable of reviving the leftist idea and influence a lot of people and lead the leftist to take over the country again. But you were there to study engineering you said. For them, one bad apple will ruin the whole tree, so they cut down the tree and it will never grow again although there were still a lot of good apples produced by the tree. You will feel betrayed, angry, disappointed, infuriated, enraged, forsaken, abandoned and all sort of bad emotions obviously?

The story above was true, and it didn’t happen to just one or two students, who are now past their productive age, but to thousands of students who were sent by the leftist regime to the eastern bloc countries because education was cheaper there and the government happened to have good relationship with them. A lot of them had been forced to take an asylum to other countries, mostly in Europe and eventually accepted the citizenship from those countries. Of course with the new passport they can now visit their own country as FOREIGNERS and meet their families, but they have been robbed of their nationality and the freedom to visit their own homes and families during those times. Although there have been talks with the government to settle this issue, but so far nothing concrete has been produced. Will the government wait until all of them die and will just let this issue be forgotten? Hopefully not…


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  1. When I was at college I used to follow Sobron Aidit’s blog (I think the term was not coined yet at the time) about his life in Paris, managing and working at an Indonesian restaurant. He was one of those intellectual outcasts, teaching in Beijing when the tide turned. He passed away in 2007 – as a French citizen, apparently. What a shame…

    Comment by donpepito | March 11, 2011 | Reply

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