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Health is a treasure

Again, going AWOL and neglecting this blog, but this time, it’s more due to my busy days in the office rather than my laziness :-p Because of a new and very troublesome project, I couldn’t train regularly for these past three weeks. I have only been training in the dojo three times plus a couple of times at home. Not only lack of training, but irregular eating pattern and also the exhausting project almost brought me down. Yesterday I dragged myself to the dojo although the day before I only slept for 3 hours before I went for presentation in the morning and attending some meetings in the afternoon before I rushly left to have my dinner at 7:30pm, went back to my house to get my gears and straightaway went to the dojo. Lost concentration, poor performance, lack of stamina and almost faint during training.

Felt really lucky to be able to finished the whole session and promised myself that if I can’t attend my training, I will always spend at least 30 minutes to do my own training at home. I have lost so much for the past three weeks because of my negligence. And that’s not the only loss I had. Due to less training, irregular eating and lack of sleep, my body condition also dropped and I almost got myself into trouble before the project even finished. Now I know why the older generations always value their health and take care of their own health was always an important thing for them. With regular training, I didn’t really have any major health problem, so I didn’t really take care of my own health due to the inherent benefit of training to my own health. But the last three weeks taught me an important lesson:

1.Training regularly IS A MUST. No reason not to train myself at home!!!

2.Health is a treasure, without health, we can’t do all those fun activities we always love to do.

3.To fall sick is to waste all those training days. With just one day of sickness, we need to rebuild our stamina and condition again. This requires time and wasting our training days to rebuild instead of advancing. IT IS TOTALLY INACCEPTABLE!!!

Hopefully the burdensome project can finish soon and I can return to my good old training days!


November 15, 2008 - Posted by | Goju-Ryu, Karate, Martial Arts, Ramblings, Rants, Shito-Ryu

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