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Makiwara and sandbag, which one do you choose? For me, both! Most of karate practitioners, in my opinion, don’t really have an issue incorporating sandbag in their training regime. It’s considered modern, fairly easy to use and doesn’t punish the user as makiwara does. Makiwara, on the other hand, considered an antique, more difficult to use and punishes the user if he/she doesn’t know how to use it properly. It’s a general opinion in the world of karate. I will not be discussing about how to use the makiwara, since, the best way to use it is to see it yourself and do it on the spot. The learning curve is longer than sandbag, but it’s really worth all the peeled skin I got during learning. It’s not an easy training tool to use definitely. Usually it sits around the corner of the dojo, with most of the people ignoring its existance as if it is only a part of the dojo with a mystical presence on par with the pictures of the masters and the shomen. Some curious people, specially the beginners will try to use it, but since it’s more difficult to understand, most of them will not give it a second try. Some other people that continue to use it will stop after they feel the reverb, peeled their skin or feel the pain on their knuckles, only a few survivors left. These are true in dojos that has makiwara and don’t really require the pratitioners to use it. Of course it’s a different situation in dojos that requires their practitioner to embrace it. Many may be against the usage of makiwara, but for me, it’s one of the tools that really helps me to develop in karate. It teaches focus and correct posture. It also teaches us to respect our opponent by demanding good techniques to be delivered to its padding. Bad techniques will not do, it will hurt you instead. It also requires dedication and determination when using it, half-assed dedication got no reward when punching it. It is also very versatile, plenty of techniques can be practiced with it. With all those benefits, does sandbags still needed? For me, the answer is yes. I’m using makiwara to better my techniques, while I’m using the sandbag to develop the power. They’re complementing each other and really do wonders in my training.


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