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Dead Brain Intermezzo

Haven’t been writing an entry for a month now. Office commitment and also house moving made my motivation gone I guess. Luckily the motivation for training hasn’t gone for even a bit. In fact, it’s getting higher because I’m currently having a private project for my house. In a month I will have my 3x4m room converted to my personal dojo!! Hooraaayyy!!! šŸ˜€ I already have my cabinet+full mirror in front and mounted the wall makiwara. Currently in the process of printing some pictures to be hang on the wall. I am also looking to have someone write a “toudi-jutsu” character. The hojo undo materials for chishi and sanchin game is ready, just need to dust-off my laziness to start the work; and I will get training mattress end of this month plus some punching mitts and all should be good. Yeahhh!! Really excited to have my own room for training. I will have no excuse now for being lazy to go to the dojo because of late meetings ;-p Anyway, hopefully my motivation to write will be back, and start filling this blog again.


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