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Timing Practice

Goodness, this article by Goodin Sensei is really a GEM! I have never thought of this before to be honest. Matching our partner’s or someone else’s timing is a very good practice and very difficult. It is very beneficial for our karate to learn how to time our techniques against the other side, either it is a parry, block, anticipative movement, evasive maneuver or even strikes. It will help a lot in reading opponent’s movement. It might be a simple practice, following someone else, but there’s a lot of meaning in it and furthermore, it is only advantageous for our karate. As human are also competitive in nature, this type of training is also very useful to us to be competitive without the negative side effect of competitiveness. Timing is very important in self defense, specially for life and death situation. This type of training is very typical in karate, simple but yet the concept is very deep.


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