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The Feeling

The training session was quite different last night, compared to other regular sessions, the theory portion was more than usual. One of the point I pondered most is the ‘feeling’. According to my sensei, the ability to ‘feel’ can be acquired through constant training and thinking. It’s the epitomy of the karate adage ‘bun bu ryo do’ – literally means something like ‘the pen and the sword is in one accordance. This proverb tells us that not only physical training is needed for our karate, but also the ‘book’ or in other words, we need to cultivate our minds also. My sensei said that the word ‘keiko’ or training is formed using two characters: ‘think’ and ‘old/ancient’. It basically says that mind cultivation is also very important in our karate journey, without it, we might not be able to maximise our training and the growth level might be very slow or even stuck in our current level. The ‘feeling’ might be acquired through constant training, but without studying it, we won’t be able to utilise the ‘feeling’ to further enchanced our karate. This ‘feeling’ is internal in our body, although the movement might look the same when we do a technique with or without a feeling, but the result can be very different. Karate growth level is not a linear growth, it’s more like plains and sudden hike like ladder graph or steps. The plains might be very long, but our persistance and perseverance in training are the one who brought us to reach the next level. Most beginners quit karate because of this typical plain in karate. It can be very short, like a couple of months or even days, but it also can be very long, maybe one year or even ten years. That’s why we need to cultivate our mind together with our training in order to minimize the length of the plain we went through in each level. Once we got the ‘feeling’, it will never be lost.


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