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Sanchin Seminar

Tomiyama Sanchin Seminar

Last Saturday was Tomiyama Sensei’s seminar. My expectation was high, due to his credentials and he is more or less a traditional karateka(although the term ‘traditional karate’ is of course debatable). I was certainly not dissapointed. He is a true traditionalist, at least in my own view. The seminar was about sanchin kata. He covered body mechanics, alignments, techniques and also breathing. There’s some minor differences compared to IOGKF’s sanchin, but the principle concepts is very much the same. He also gave us an unexpected bonus near the end. I was raising a question about Naihanchi kata role in his organization. He told us that it is also the core kata in Kofukan as Sanchin is. His Naihanchi doesn’t have emphasis on the koshi movement, but swift, explosive and rooting. When I asked for him to elaborate more, he actually gave us a bonus by demonstrating the kata. I can only say that it was a great demonstration. Anyone seeing the kata will shiver and think twice to challenge him to fight. It was a practical kata that can be used for fighting, not a posing kata that looks beautiful but can’t be used to fight. In the end, it was a thirst quencher that makes me even more thirsty of karate training.


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