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Coming Late for Training

Approaching 6pm but the meeting wasn’t over yet, waited for another 30 minutes and the end of it still couldn’t be seen. Messaged my sensei that I would be late for yesterday’s session. Ten minutes past seven, act like I wasn’t in a rush to leave the office since I just joined the new company for one month 🙂 Packed my things in an almost graceful manner, chit chat for a bit with my colleague, headed to the exit… empty cab ahead, got in, rest… Late for almost 40 minutes, rushfully climbed the stairs, reached the third floor and realized that it’s the wrong unit!!! Panting and numb legs due to lack of aerobic exercises but still ran down the stairs in a zip just to save some minutes, finally reached the dojo, saw my sensei training kata alone… whoopsss… Changed my clothes, apologized for being late and my sensei asked me to do quick warm up, prepare to work on Saifa. The last one hour I had was doing Saifa only. Working each movements, steps, techniques, body positioning, basically all the details, major and minor. In the end, although I was late, but it was a great session. Although my Saifa got corrected a lot, but I’m happy that I still have a lot of room to grow and improve my kata. Definitely a great kata, I specially like the body shifting principals in it, and  it also incorporate the method to get into opponent’s space. Definitely a fruitful session! Thanks for my current sensei also for being very patient although I came very late yesterday. A great session is a great stress relieve for us working people isn’t it?


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