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Did you ever feel that you are too bloated that you just want to throw everything away? Did you ever drink something but in the end it makes you feel even more thirsty? I have experienced both feeling before. When I first known karate, I felt so thirsty that I wanted to absorb a lot of things as soon as possible, but the way I absorb it was like a sponge, very easy to absorb water, but it also has difficulties to retain the water. You just need to squeezed it gently, the water will comes out easily. It is the same feeling when you’re bloated, if you press your tummy, you will have the urge to throw out those things that you’ve eaten before.

It’s the same thing with karate, we shouldn’t be a sponge and we shouldn’t eat too full also. We should be like a tree, slowly and dilligently absorb the water and food below the ground with strong roots that can support a very big and strong trunk and branches. Strong root is the foundation, basic, kihon of our karate. Strong roots able to support a stronger, higher and thicker trunk; which enables the tree to grow branches, leaves and finally fruit. With strong basic we should also have built a good karate body, mind and spirit that is able to understand the techniques easily, to understand the concept of movements comprehensively, to be able to execute techniques in a proper way and to be able to advanced our karate itself.

A tree never grow in one night, it grows slowly, in months or even years. We don’t need to learn everything in one day, or it will be like a sponge, unable to keep the things we have learned before. Learning too many things in a fast paced will also make us bloated, we need to repeat new techniques that we just learned and try to absorb it slowly so it will last in our mind, body and spirit and become second nature to ourself. Learning too many things without mastering a single one is a waste of time!! Of course the ability to learn is different within each karateka, but the single most important thing is still the perseverance, dilligence and patience in training. We should strive to be better, once we feel satistied with ourselves, it’s a sign that our karate is regressing.


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