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Upcoming Seminar with Tomiyama Sensei

When the news that there will be a seminar in May to be conducted by Tomiyama Sensei, I googled for his name right away. To my amazement, he is practicing Tani-ha Shito-Ryu. Tani-ha Shito-Ryu history is very interesting. It was started from a karate club in Doshisha University in Japan, one of the oldest karate club.

The original style was Goju-Ryu, and the first instructor was none other than Chojun Miyagi Sensei himself!! As I also practicing Goju-Ryu, of course I felt very excited. But I got even more excited to read that after that Kenwa Mabuni Sensei was instructing at the club after Miyagi Sensei returned to Okinawa, and furthermore, he was teaching Goju-Ryu, not Shito-Ryu!! That means Goju-Ryu influence should be strong in Tani-ha Shito-Ryu, and once more, it proves to me that the Chojun Miyagi Sensei and Kenwa Mabuni Sensei was a very close friend. The two founders of the styles that I’m currently practicing were on a very good term.

But sadly, nowadays, people doesn’t really share their knowledge as extensive as before. Nowadays a lot of people only care about power and playing politics. It’s very sad actually. People should strive to gain knowledge and improve their karate through training, either by him/herself, by the guidance of his/her senseis or senpais, by sharing of knowledge with other practicioners, and by learning from others also. Anyway, I’m happy that my current dojo is actually open to learn from other people/styles. I can’t wait to attend the seminar in May and learn from Tomiyama Sensei.

Enjoy this articles about Tomiyama Sensei and Kofukan:

Kazokukai website – Interview

Shuriway  website – Hara to Koshi

OSI Karate website – Kofukan History


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  1. Hi Charlie,
    This isn’t a comment but I couldn’t figure out how to contact you. I came across your website looking for articles on Tomiyama Sensei. He teaches in san fracisco and I was thinking of taking classes with him. What did you think of his seminar? I am very much interested not in only the kumatei side of the martial art, but the kata as well. Also, you lived in singapore? I grew up there (went to the singapore american school). What were you doing out there?

    Comment by Chris | October 29, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hi Chris,
    Yeah, I guess I must add “contact me” button or something 🙂 Is he teaching in SF nowadays? I thought he taught in UK? His seminar was good, he taught sanchin kata in detail and also showed a little bit of naihanchi. His principles are good and very old school. I definitely enjoyed his kata seminar. Regarding Singapore, yes, I do live here, working to make a few bucks for my living 😉

    Comment by fuermischung | October 29, 2008 | Reply

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