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Bloody Caffeine!!!

Two weeks experiencing the new job, two weeks of trying to open my eyelid in the middle of reading piles of books, presentation slides, product guidelines, and technical analysis. Been trying very hard to keep my motivation at a level that will make sure of my progression in order to impress my new boss. In an urgent need of a very very long vacation, just laying around and do nothing. Cracking my mind everyday of ways to get the hell out of this.

The good thing is, I can still keep up with those things with the help of the substance that I haven’t even touch for more than a year I guess, coffee!! It’s a regular drink for anyone else, but it’s a problematic drink for me. My stomach can’t take the substance, but I need those caffeine fix to prevent myself to fall asleep during my probation period 😦 so far it has served me well during my first week, but the second week proved me wrong. Even with those fixes the drowsiness crept unknowingly. That’s why I need to go to the toilet every hour trying to keep myself alert. I guess my body really in need of  a good rest. Luckily it’s already Friday, tomorrow I should be able to sleep a little longer.

After one year without coffee, my digestion system doesn’t seem to like it anymore I guess, it got bloated, full of wind, makes me burping incessantly, and the worst thing is that its effect doesn’t wear off at night. Two days ago I almost got a stomach cramp because of that. Luckily there’s always those antacids to help wear off the effect. My goodness, two weeks into a new job and I already have a truck full of garbage!!!

Luckily I can still go to my Goju-Ryu session. It’s always an oasis in the middle of the desert for me. But I can’t afford to go to my Shito-Ryu session. But this two weeks effort shouldn’t be in vain though. I think I’m getting more and more familiar with one of the product, and hopefully, in another month or two I can finally get everything running in an auto pilot mode, so I can attend more training. My concentration this year is Goju-Ryu though. Since I always feel that the principles is very much in-line with my way of thinking, and I have built my karate around it as a foundation and blueprint for my martial art training. I’m also planning to check on White Crane to further my knowledge of the Sanchin form, that was derived from White Crane Sam Chien or San Zhan. Well, it might still be a long journey before I decide to start doing White Crane also. But more or less it will be the direction I want to go.

Btw, if anyone noticed that this entry is a little bit awkward, don’t bother please, it’s the result of caffeine effect combined with writing at 3am. I’d better zip off before I start writing non-sense :-p


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