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Real Life Grading

I was graded last Sunday. The grading itself wasn’t that difficult, I was actually very familiar with the syllabus, and I have been training regularly, in fact, I didn’t really care about grading nowadays, I only care about training and learning more from it. But this grading seems different, it is coincided with one of the most difficult phase in my life, and because of that the grading becomes several folds more difficult. But I managed to pass through it…

Now I have to prepare myself for the real life grading, real life test of my perseverance, my determination, and my will. The toilet bowl in me is already full of shit(pardon the language), in fact, it’s almost over the edge. Sometimes I envy animal which doesn’t need to live a life full of mannerism and keeps their composure. Their life is not full of pretense. The only thing important to them is how to survive, but for us human, it’s different. Hopefully I can pass this important test, and the toilet bowl will be emptied again, and be ready to receive all the shits again 😦 hopefully tomorrow’s training can knock some sense to me again… For anyone who read this, sorry for this gloomy entry! I just need to throw this one out a little bit.


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