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No Regret for Training

Today is a very busy day. This morning I attended one interview session and late for 30 mins because of the bloody bus that I waited for more than 25 minutes. Impatient, I go to the taxi stand and although there’s no queue, but there’s also no cab! Calling the taxi company to no avail and I have to resort back to the bus stop. Luckily they understand my reason and it went smoothly. Finished with the first business, I went back, changed my clothes, pack my karate gi, and left to Chinatown for lunch with my wife. After lunch, heading towards the dojo for the late afternoon session.

I was feeling a little bit lazy and only thinking about how nice my bed is with these breezy weather. But somehow finally I managed to win over my laziness. During training I was exhausted since I’m not used to train in the afternoon again. Yet, finished the session and still felt that I was able to train a little bit more. That ‘a little bit more’ resulted in an additional two hours of training. Not only that, I have managed to fulfill one-third of my new year resolution during those two hours! After the exhausting additional session and a good shower, I swear that it was really refreshing 🙂 The after-effect of the training is one of the ecstasy besides the training itself. It surely feels rewarding after hard training days. Any serious martial artists definitely understand this, and I dare to say that they must feel the same about it.


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