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Martabak Manis aka Pancake!!!

Yeahhhh!!! Now it is Martabak Manis!!! My friend in Batam help me bought the ‘loyang martabak’, erhh… basically it’s the pan to make Indonesian sweet pancake, two weeks ago. Fetched the ‘loyang’ after did some errants in Batam, then last week I finally make my first proper martabak manis. I made it a couple of years before, but since I used teflon pan, not a proper thick pan for pancakes, the result was a very think pancake, since the heat is not enough to actually cook it. Well, the waiting has finally over and do enjoy the picture!!(make it yourself if you want it or buy it please :D)

Martabak Manis

Recipe? Well, you can always refer to the resourceful cikcik’s website 🙂 I actually used another recipe here. And here’s the tips and tricks to properly make it. Sorry, everything is in Indonesian 😦 Maybe someday I have to translate some of those recipes to English huh? Btw, the result is not bad, but it is not as fibrous(direct translation from Indonesian: bersarang :p sorry, don’t really know the term here). Maybe next time I will use more baking soda. Oh, I also feel that the yeast was too much, maybe either don’t use it or reduced it by half.


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