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Hong Bak vs Bak Pao

Yeahhhhh!!!! It’s hong bak aka babi hong part deux and bakpao this time!!! During chinese new year holiday I cooked babi hong again for the second time and also tried myself for the first time at baking. The second babi hong is obviously far better compared to the first one, since I tried to follow the full recipe at Cikcik’s. Last time I replaced the red wine with white wine since I didn’t have red wine at that time and also some other ingredients. This time I followed 99.99%, although it did taste better, but I think the next time I try it again, I will definitely reduce the dried shrimp and dried squid usage since it tasted a little bit on the salty side.


The next one is bakpao, although I never feel comfortable with baking, but due to the long holiday, I decided to try making bakpao. For this one I really measure all the ingredients properly since I don’t want to make a mess and lost my interest to baking just because my virgin experience is not good. The result is definitely worth the sweat!! Thank you very much for Cikcik’s great recipes, it really has a lot of interesting recipes that makes me motivated to actually do it! I will try to make my own babi panggang(roasted pork) for the next easter holiday, just wait for it!!!



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