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Lo! Cometh the Flood!!

New governor, new year, same old flooding. Although I am now living in Singapore, working to get a living, but I was born in Jakarta, raised in Jakarta and experienced flooding in Jakarta. The condition has changed from bad to worse. Before 2001, the big flood only say hello every 5 years, but after that, it gradually worsen. The interval changed to three years, two years, one year and now almost every more-than-four-hours-heavy-rain!!! What has the new governor do? All those “Jakarta Untuk Semua”(Jakarta for all) has really been fulfilled in a negative way, and where is he now? I haven’t see or hear him in the news at all. At least his predecessor, still showed his face although he never admit his mistake in handling the flood issue, but instead pointing to heaven which he blame for all the misery of Jakartans. It’s not only flooding, but also the corrupted busway project has becoming a joke, bad services, late arrivals, always full when it arrives. What about traffic? Well, he come out with an idea to shift the working schedule of the civil servants earlier to 6am if I’m not wrong, and he recommend non-civil servants to reschedule their office hour to start from 9am. This kind of ideas, along with 3-in-1 rule is a stupid ideas that are not looking into the problem itself, but instead avoiding the problem. It’s not solving anything but making it worse. Well, the list is still long, but we can only open our arms widely to welcome the flood, although with a long frustrated sighing…


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