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Kata Fluidity

When you gain something, some other things might lost. At my current weight, I feel that I can put more power in my technique, but apparently, the fluidity in my kata declined. Last year my sensei advised me to slow down in my kata, regulate my breathing and not to use power at all times. Just a few days ago, another sensei reminded me the second time that I need to slow down and relax more. I didn’t realize that my kata has becoming rigid again. It might be due to the weight increase, so I tend to indulge in the additional power it has given me. It might also because I forgot about what my sensei said and I actually need to go to the basics again and do slow movements with close control of my breathing.

It is true that without constant practice and feedback, your kata will be dull. The kata must become like water. The stream in the river looks calm but the movement is constant, but as it becomes waterfall, the overwhelming power is obvious. The body, mind and spirit must be one when doing kata, controlled breathe and movements, calm mind and determined spirit. Instead of only indulging in the power(body), indulge the kata in all three aspects. The balance of hard(go) and soft(ju) must be there, if one of it becoming too dominant, we must thrive to make the other to be as dominant so as to create a balance between go and ju again.


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  1. A good way to gauge your kata is to video yourself. I used to do this when getting ready to test or compete, and I found it to be very useful.

    Comment by John | January 31, 2008 | Reply

  2. That’s a good idea John! Thanks for dropping by!

    Comment by fuermischung | January 31, 2008 | Reply

  3. hi boys
    i am a player of karate
    3rd dan black belt i m having some problem in my wrist when i punch please boys help me.one of my friend said me to use gripstik he said that it will give strength to my hands please you all see this website and tell tell is it good for wrist or not.


    Comment by rahul | February 2, 2008 | Reply

  4. Hi Rahul,
    Most of the time I am training using traditional equipments such as makiwara(okinawan punching board), chi-ishi(stone lever), and tetsu-sashi(iron weight, shaped like lock). So far I have no problem in my wrists and those equipments(we call them hojo undo) was very much helping me recover my joint and tissue injury around my wrist and hand last year. If you want to concentrate on your wrist, the most economical and easy to make is chi-ishi. You can follow the instruction here: http://www.otgka.co.uk/supplementary.htm

    Comment by fuermischung | February 2, 2008 | Reply

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