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Forgive, not Forget

First of all, I would like to offer my condolence for our former president Soeharto. His economic program was great, although a couple of years into the end of his reign he made crucial mistakes worsening the economic problems that was caused by the asian economic crisis. Well, although until now we can still see the result of the development during his era, but that mistake cost him his presidency. Since his soul has finally laid to rest, do you think we should forgive his mistakes? Well, honestly I do think he deserves an apology, but I don’t think we should forget his mistakes. Indonesians tend to forgot easily, that’s why you can easily find peoples who are all praise towards him nowadays.

But I don’t think those whose relatives gone missing can forget, neither can those who had their parents implicated as communists or even mass murdered in Bali. Not to mention the poeple of Aceh, Papua and Timor Leste who felt the cruelty of his militaristic regime. And people like me, a  double minority, where a lot of privileges are not given, and always being dicriminated in almost everything.

It’s not only an economic development that he brought during his reign, but also loss of free speech, militaristic government instead of democracy, discrimination against minority, oppression towards people some of them subtle, some of them not so subtle at all, and of course the culture of corruption that has rooted in almost every aspect of people’s live. So once again, let’s forgive him but I don’t agree to close the cases, and I also hope that government will be able to  proceed with the trial – in absentia, and get back all the money that should belong to the government. I know it is not easy, and looking at the progress it seemed to be impossible due to the reluctant people up there who only know how to save themself. Hopefully I’m wrong about this…


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