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Awareness is Part of the Training!!

Nowadays, people walking around listening iPod or texting someone with their cellphones are common sights. Most of them are oblivious to part of their surrounding while enjoying music or reading/writing sms. During my blogsurfing to John W.Zimmer’s website I found this paragraph to be intriguing:

[quote] My suggestion is to always be aware of your surroundings. If a situation digresses for any reason, leave rapidly. Don’t wait around to figure out why the people are running away… get out of the situation and then figure it out. In this day of iPods and cell phone texting – many people walk around oblivious to their surroundings. I think this is bad normally but even worse when something is happening. This is like a teenager driving down the road with their radio blaring. They are being entertained but cannot hear a horn blast warning them of an impending crash! I have spoken to karate instructors that have told their students to be aware of their surroundings – watching their students leaving the school, walking through the dark parking lot, all the while merrily texting away on their cell phone – barley aware of their surroundings! [end of quote]

Back in Jakarta, I have always exercised caution and awareness of my surrounding. I have always avoided dimly lit streets, watched my back carefully, know which way are safer than the other way, memorize holes on the road and avoided it beforehand, and never once I used cell phone on the street since it will attract snatch thieves or robbers. I don’t say that Jakarta is a dangerous city so you have to exercise caution and be aware of your surrounding at all times. It might be because of the martial art training that emphasized those safety guidelines, but it is also, compared to Singapore, it is less safer, although if you know your way around, nothing will happen at all.

Singapore is very different compared to Jakarta, it is a clean and orderly city with low crime rate. After almost 4 years living in Singapore, I feel that my awareness level has decreased considerably, and for me, it is a problem. That’s why I have started to exercise caution even though I know it is very safe here, but things do happen!! There’s one thing I’ve just realized after reading the above mentioned article, I do listen to my mp3 player when I’m on the street, and I also texting while i stroll around the street. The fact that listening to the music takes away hearing ability and texting takes away your seeing ability already present danger(big or small) to me and to other people around me. Things can happen during an ordinary day, when I just walk from the bus stop to the office and texting someone and because of that I bumped into someone and make him/her annoyed or somehow even injuring him/her. This kind of scenario can be easily avoided just by just stopping for a while before texting. It is a simple thing that I tend to neglect. Consideration to other people, caution and awareness is a necessary training for all martial art practitioners, and I need to improve further in this area. Thank you very much John for the fine article!


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