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Self Defense and Law

Today I had an interesting conversation with two of my friends in SKA dojo about self defense from the perspective of law. One of them is a law enforcer, aka policeman. He shared with us a lot of interesting points. The most interesting point is that law itself is subject to interpretation and opinion. For example, you know that someone tries to initiate an attack by pushing you, and somehow you decided to punch him since you thought he started the first physical contact and injured him, he might be able to twist the story by claiming that he’s trying to push you in order to avoid physical confrontation. Then the end of the story will be decided by the one whose opinion is accepted by the authority.

The law is the one that rules the nation, and because of the law the nation have the guidelines for its citizen to leave a better life, but since it is created by human, it is not perfect and although there’s good intention in it, but usually there’s some loopholes that might be used by some people to avoid being implicated by it although they were breaking it. The point is, as a martial art practitioner, we have another reason to avoid fighting. By not fighting, we will avoid injuries to us and to our opponent(s) and without fighting, we should have nothing to do with the law.

Avoiding confrontation is the key, and awareness as a practitioner of martial art is very important. Whenever possible, running is the better choice, but of course, when our life or someone we love are in danger, we should defend it. Note the word: defend, not fight! Life is something to be valued by a martial art practitioner, we practice for our life, to get a better understanding of our body, mind and spirit.


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  1. Hello,

    It sounds like you have a good insight into this topic. I agree that everything is up to interpretation so one should not fight/defend unless there is no other choice. While every state recognizes a person’s absolute right to self-defense, there are varying degrees this is measured by authorities.

    I have written a similar post entitled, “Self-Defense, Is it Legal?” at http://myselfdefenseblog.com/http:/myselfdefenseblog.com/is-self-defense-legal/ that might interest you on this topic. My take is based on California law that uses a ‘reasonable man’ standard. This standard is still open to interpretation by the first responders.

    Bottom line, don’t fight/defend unless there is no other choice and then do not be over-zealous unless circumstances merit (like a mass attack for instance). Even then, If called to the carpet by law enforcement, I would rather be alive and in court than not.

    I enjoyed your perspective,

    John W. Zimmer

    Comment by myselfdefenseblog.com | January 21, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hi John,

    You sum it up nicely with your last statement, thanks for sharing your view. There’s one blog that I also find interesting and talks about this issue a few times. Check out mr.Goodin’s website here: http://karatejutsu.blogspot.com/

    Comment by fuermischung | January 21, 2008 | Reply

  3. Hi, thanks for turning me on to the karatejutsu blog. I like the content but there is not an oppertunity for discourse. I think one of the great things about blogging is the free exchange (with a few rules) of ideas. I find that very interesting. I’ll keep this handy as it sounds like Mr. Goodin is a very ethical karate practioner as well has great postings.

    John W. Zimmer

    Comment by myselfdefenseblog.com | January 22, 2008 | Reply

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